1. Arrival


2. Material


3. Payment


4. Powerloss


1.1 Arrival time will usually be between 9am and 9.30am unless otherwise agreed.

1.2 Any late arrival, we will send a text at the earliest opportunity stating our e.t.a.

1.3 Any deposit agreed upon must be paid before or on agreed arrival.

1.4 There is no callout fee in Blackpool fy1,fy2,fy3,fy4,fy5,fy6,fy7 or fy8. Other areas may require a call out fee to cover fuel costs.


2.1 Material may require a deposit of up to 100 % and upto 1 week prior to starting state.

2.2 All material will remain property of Tripped electrical until final payment has been made.

2.3 Any material the customer has provided, that is lost or stolen on the job, while no employee of Tripped electrical is present on site will be the responsibility of the customer.

2.4 Material provided by a customer must be checked to ensure it complies to be installed in the UK and no labour guarantee is provided.


3.1 Any job where labour or awaiting second fix ect is longer than 7 days, multiple stage payments will be required.

3.2 Final payment is required on receipt of invoice.

3.3 Any late payments pay be subject to 2.5% daily charge.

Powerloss and testing

4.1 Any sensitive equipment must be switched off and where applicable disconnected.

4.2 Any equipment not disconnected or stated clearly to an engineer that has been damaged due to disconnection or testing by the engineer may not be covered.

4.3 Testing and connecting new cables will require some or all power to be disconnected which will cause disruption so it is advised that this is arranged at a time where it will cause least disruption.