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We are a local family firm based in Blackpool with a well deserved excellent reputation for carrying out household electrical work to the highest standard.


Get One Stop Solution for all your Household Electrical Problems

Looking for the one-stop solution for all emergency electronic services — Blackpool Electrician Service is the apt service for you.

Like other essential service providers, the role of electricians is unparalleled. People deal with household electrical problems quite frequently. While some prefer to take care of such fundamental issues independently, some prefer to seek emergency electric service assistance keeping the safety concerns in mind.

More so because all issues related to electricity are not safe to be handled by a novice. Sometimes they require the interference of experienced and efficient electrician services.

Most of the households are now energy efficient to reduce wastage. The latest technology, smart appliances have made the lives of people more comfortable. These are easy to use and maintain, but handling the repair or replacing electronic devices at home is something only an expert can be trusted with. Blackpool Electrician Service guarantees quick response service carried out by responsible and efficient electricians who can be entrusted with the job.

Electricians are people who make our day to day repairing, installation, and testing jobs easier.

How much does an emergency electrician cost?

The answer depends on the type of service customers wish to opt for. While there are regular electricians in the profession, some experts typically charge more than others. However, 24-hour emergency electrician Blackpool is your budget-friendly alternative.

Why choose Blackpoolelectricianblackpool Electrician Service?

  • 24-hour emergency electrician Blackpool is a trusted name for all household issues related to electronics. With years of dedicated service, they have been a trusted service provider who provides services such as: installing, servicing, and repairing.

  • It is one of the best Emergency Electrician Services that offer their excellent service at a reasonable price than the other service providers.

  • Electricians here are experienced and have a good understanding of their job role. They take proper precautions and complete the task to make the household safer for the household, especially children.

  • Blackpool electrician service tops the search for an electrician near me for the quality of their service. They focus on providing better quality service for customers who face the least disturbance and disruptions with their household appliances and do not feel the need for frequent servicing.

  • Another highlight of the Blackpool electrician service is their prompt service. Professionals are always ready at the beck and call of the customers. Need an emergency electrician? Contact us today to discuss your requirements

Which type of service we provide?

Electricians at Blackpool offer a wide range of services, from installing sockets, lighting, CCTV, alarms, consumer units, cookers, and earthing to fixing the wiring, ovens, extractors, boilers (electrical only), tripping circuits, burnt out switches, etc.

They offer solutions to individual problems of every household in a unique manner offering their personalized services to all. Blackpool Electrician Services are ever ready with their service, whether flickering lights, socket failures, or complete failure of both sockets and lighting circuits.

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We install sockets, lighting, cctv, alarms, consumer units, cookers and earthing


5 year certificates, domestic certificates, end of tenancy and fault finding.


fixed wiring, ovens, extractors, boilers (electrical only), tripping circuits, burnt out switches

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  • £50

    Wireless switch set up

    Control your lights via app

  • £330

    Consumer unit

    10 way consumer unit installed

  • £40

    Cooker install

    Oven, hob or freestanding unit

  • £poa

    Rewire cost

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