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Element replacement only £30 + parts (usually around £30)


Do you need an oven repairing?

At Tripped electrical we know how inconvenient it can be to have a broken electrical appliance. This is why we provide a quick, efficient, and affordable oven repairs service in and around Blackpool.

Finding solutions for your smart appliance repair issue is now easier than ever with Blackpool's electric oven repair service.
Are you from around Blackpool and struggling to hire a trustworthy professional? Worry not! We bring you the best of services at the most affordable prices and the service that is also value for the customers' money.

In today's digital world, houses are smart houses too. Everything, including appliances, is self-operating, requiring minimal interference of the users, leaving some repairing instances. In such households often such small tasks such as repairing an electric oven may seem insignificant. In many instances, users also try to experiment with techniques themselves.

However, electric oven repair nitty-gritty should be best left in the hands of an expert. Moreover, appliances like an oven are daily needed essentials which demand immediate replacement or repairing. That is why Blackpool electricians provide Quick and efficient appliance repairs.

Unlike other service providers where the appliance replacement is a long and tiring process, electric oven repair service providers at Blackpool are efficient, fast, and easy to reach. The professionals are ready at the beck and call of the customers since they are only a call away. Clients can request service by reaching out to the oven repairs service near me.

Electric ovens are handy and easy to use. These have effectively reduced the burden of the household work. One of the many perks of these sophisticated tools is that the owners can repair the ovens through DIY techniques. Various instructional videos are available on the market and on the internet, enabling users to identify problems in their electric repair and execute electric oven repair.

Our highly skilled repair team are only a call away and can visit your home to repair your appliance as soon as possible.

The general issue with an electronic oven:

Even in the self-cleaning electronic ovens, some problems persist, such as: burn out of one or both oven elements, malfunctioning temperature control, malfunction of the oven selector switch, the capillary tube may be out of adjustment, inaccurate temperature control, etc.

While some of these issues can be solved with the help of the owner's manual work, the smart alternative is to seek the assistance of an electric oven repair in Blackpool who specializes in dealing with:

  • Small ovens: Mini ovens with small capacity ideal for smaller households. These are convenient for use build with a 13A plug supply. Easy to use, clean, and repair minor glitches by customers.

  • Self-cleaning and low powered hobs: These are 16A/20A cooker/ oven circuit ideal for extensive usage for larger households. A minor issue can be resolved by users, but professional help might be sought to eliminate warranty issues.

  • Range cookers: A combination of a cooker and a hob providing users the benefits of both. These are bigger than standard ovens and look stylish. However, it is advisable to opt for a professional electric oven repair service provider to avoid mishaps.

Worried about your electric oven repair cost? Our service is not only fast and prompt but is also budget-friendly! One can avail element replacement only £30 + parts—the one-stop solution for your entire appliance concerns: in Blackpool.

Quick and efficient appliance repairs

We repair all makes and models of ovens and carry a large selection of spares and where possible will try and repair your appliance on our first visit.

Choose us for:
  • Quick service
  • Low prices
  • High quality repairs and parts
  • Experienced engineers


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Small ovens

A simple 13A plug supply – suitable for low power single integrated ovens

Self cleaning and low powered hobs

A larger 16A/20A cooker/ oven circuit more suited to integrated double ovens

Range cookers

A 32A – 45A cooker circuit incorporating a 45A double pole switch local to the cooker used for stand alone cookers and Range / Stove type cookers

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    5 year certificate, landord safety certificate, condition report periodic.

  • £330

    Consumer unit

    10 way consumer unit installed

  • £40

    Cooker install

    Oven, hob or freestanding unit

  • £poa

    Rewire cost

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